A Private Handmade Collection 1 Gauge 1/32 Scale Model Train

hier kan je films plaatsen van miniatuurtreinen allerhande om ideeen op te doen voor legolayout // Here you can post movies of miniature trains all kinds to get ideas for Lego layout
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A Private Handmade Collection 1 Gauge 1/32 Scale Model Train

Bericht door patje » 17-09-2017 20:16

A Private Handmade Collection 1 Gauge 1/32 Scale Model Trains

een van de mooiste layouts dat ik gezien heb
met al de treinen van die zelfde eigenaar
de volgende film gaat over de zelfde layout

de schaal is ongeveer dezelfde als de lego layouts..
dus veel inspiratie kun je vinden...

:-D :-D :-D


:-D :-D :-D :-D

REYNAULDS.COM presents a video on one of the finest Private 1-Gauge collections and layouts in Europe. We had a rare opportunity to visit this incredible display and we were simply blown Away. The majority of the models shown in our video are handmade Museum quality models many of which we can offer to our customers. Model shown in the video are made by Lemaco, Proform, KM1, Kiss, Fulgurex, Dingler, J&M, Pein, Schönlau, Bockholt etc. If you see something that you like please send us an e-mail to info@reynaulds.com Steam rises, a whistle blows, and a 1 gauge locomotive majestically starts to move: 1 Gauge is considered by many model railroaders to be the "King" of gauges. Many collectors say when you hold a 1-Gauge locomotive in your hand every other scale seems insignificant. 1 gauge, Gauge 1 or Gauge One as it is know is a model railroading and toy train standard, popular in the early 20th century, particularly with European manufacturers. Its track measures 1.75 in (44.45 mm), making it larger than 0 gauge but slightly smaller than wide gauge, which came to be the dominant U.S. standard during the 1920s. Over the last 40 years Marklin was one of the key manufactures of 1 Gauge models and just recently KM1, Kiss and a bunch of other smaller producers are making HUGH contributions to the gauge. Today with digital electronics sound functions, steam, lighting and more everything is possible adding a whole new dimension to the gauge. 1 Gauge offers particularly realistic operations thanks to authentic details, materials, and effects. The excellent workmanship and the impressive appearance in 1:32 Scale will thrill big and small locomotive engineers alike. Reynaulds is one of the largest dealers in North American that cater to 1-Gauge customers, visit our amazing website to see all that is being offered http://reynaulds.com
één dag zonder lego, is een verloren dag!!!
http://users.telenet.be/Patricks-legotr ... /index.htm

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