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MILS - layout voorbereiding

Geplaatst: 12-12-2016 20:39
door ludo

Hierbij een antwoord op een vraag die ik via Facebook gesteld had naar aanleiding van de expositie in Spanje en waarvan er al enkele foto's op dit forum staan.


Hi Lluis,

Here’s my Facebook question again regarding on how you prepare your lay-outs and print it out.

Nice lay-out. Well done. Just one question: what software do they use to make the print-out as can be seen on the left bottom corner? Is it done with BlueBrick, or something else?

I guess you change the Excel cell height & width to a square cell. any idea what size you use? Best regards

I and some other colleagues are also building MILS modules based on your club magazine instructions and the PDF instructions from Michael Gale ( ... structions ).
But I was wondering how you prepare the lay-out.
Creating a BlueBrick picture for every type of module can be done, but is also time consuming. You need to build the module with MLCAD (or other editor) to create a picture as base to use it in BlueBrick.
The Excel solution will also have its advantages & disadvantages too.

So, I’m asking the people with the most experience on this topic how they do it.
Additional question: how do you transport your modules? In a crate, wrapped in plastic foil, … (picture please?)


My name is Antonio, (Legotron) the creator of MILS rules. I've been said that there were some questions of MILS system in our Facebook. I don't have Facebook so I will answer by email.

I work exclusively with Excel. I know there are other software more powerful, but I need to something easy and fast to do the maps. Also, excel is a great aid when I have to count the used modules, because is very important to have an exact count of unused modules in order to make a possible map. And I like to have all that information in one place, not to use several different software. I have a very complete database of 4x4 cells of all kind of modules we have, (grass for medieval, snowed for Hoth and arid for western layouts), in all the posible orientations. Furthermore, is very easy to change a map when you have to correct it. You don't need to take a module to copy and paste, just change the colours of the cells you need to modify. And is very easy to copy parts of a Lyout from another diorama, so you can make it extremly fast. The 4x4 cells make possible to add 16x32 elements, like mine ones.

I usually need from 15 minutes to 30 minutes to prepare a new layout map. In our last event I prepared the three MILS layouts, with a very simply guide. The medieval layout was 3,50m x 1,50m and half of it was set up by other two AFOLs without any idea of MILS, and they built it without any problem. Then we have to change it because the tables were smaller than we were told, and we only need 10 minutes change it, and we had to remove two entire colums of modules.

We transport our modules in boxes, very common are the ikea boxes, that have measures very close to the size of the modules. (Described in the last HispaBrick Magazine issue). Each member has its own system , there is no standardization in this question. I have all my modules made up of two 16x32 elements, better for transportation, and with more possibilities, as you can have more measures of the layouts (you can put 3 and a half modules in a 90cm table). In my boxes I put 3 or 4 plain modules at the bottom of the box and the the ones with terrains features on the top. I have boxes for rivers + plains, roads + plains, relief + plains,...) Mountains and Hills are stored in bigger boxes as they are too bulky to be placed in smaller boxes.
I've asked my colleges at HispaBrick Magazine to do 1 of every 3 modules as a plain module, because we had problems with so many roads, rivers, reliefs, hills and mountains and no place to put the houses, castles or other features in our medieval layouts. Every one has its own sections of rivers, roads, and other elements, so if one of us cannot attend to a convention, the rest can build up a very similar layout. We never use all the modules, so we can improvise some changes if some modules are forgotten or someone cannot attend.

I hope something of this can be useful for you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards

Antonio Bellón

* Licenciado en Física
* Ingeniero Electrónico

Geplaatst: 12-12-2016 20:51
door patje
hmmm interessant om weten

blijkbaar hebben ze alle tekeningen in excel
en gebruikt hij alleen dat..
vlotte opmaak, heeft al zijn tekening zitten in excel..
1/2 uur voor layout te tekenen, dat is vlot...

ook zijn zijn persoonlijke modulles nog kleiner 16x32
voor vervoer....iedereen is daar wel vrij in...

Ze gebruiken ook niet alle modulles, en alles wordt in ikea dozen vervoert
welke grote dat ook moge zijn...K8?


Geplaatst: 12-12-2016 20:54
door patje
het gaat over deze foto: